General Information

  • Minimum Deposit amount per transaction GHS 1.00
  • Maximum Deposit amount per transaction GHS 20,000
  • Minimum Withdrawal amount per transaction GHS 1.00
  • Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction GHS 20,000
  • We as a business accept only mobile money as a valid payment method.
  • PrideBet Entertainment Ghana Limited does not accept third-party mobile money deposits. 
  • There are no fees applied to you on either deposits or withdrawals.




  1. Log in to your play account.
  2. Click on 'Deposit'.
  3. Select 'Mobile Network Operator'.
  4. Choose your desired amount to deposit or enter an amount using the text box and click 'Deposit'.

What happens next? 

Confirm your deposit request on your phone to complete the deposit process.





  1. Log in to your play account.
  2. Click on the User Icon, then select 'Wallet'.
  3. Select 'Withdrawal'.
  4. Choose your "Mobile Network Operator"
  5. Enter the desired amount you would like to withdraw and select 'Withdraw'.

Additional Withdrawal Information

  1. Withdrawals cannot be cancelled once you have submitted your request.
  2. Withdrawals are processed instantly. Any withdrawals which are subjected to review are worked through by the finance department within 3 business days, provided all other conditions are met and checks are completed.
  3. Withdrawal requests are processed between 05:00 AM and 12:00 PM GMT, Monday-Friday.
  4. You consent that you are familiar with and agree with the withdrawal timetable. Any delays encountered after the funds have been released by us are not the Company's responsibility. We will however always assist you in resolving any issues you might encounter.

Withholding Tax (WHT)

As of the 15th of August 2023, all withdrawals will be subject to 10% Withholding Tax as set out by the Ghana Revenue Services.


WHT for both Sports Betting and Virtual Games is applied at the point where the gaming session effectively ends for the player - that is, when they decide to withdraw their funds back into their external wallets held with financial institutions such as Mobile Money operators or banks.


Have a look at the below explanation for you to better understand the what and how of WHT.


  1. To ensure a fair application of the tax, it is crucial that players are taxed only on their actual winnings, not on the funds they initially risk, also referred to as their “stake” or “deposit”. To this end, and in line with the guidance given by the GRA, the concept of the “Deductible Stake” was introduced.
  2. The Deductible Stake represents the sum of all deposits a player has made since their last withdrawal, or in the absence of any previous withdrawal, all their deposits, but limited, in any case, to deposits made within the last 30 days. This portion is not subject to WHT upon withdrawal.
  3. This ensures that WHT is applied only to gross winnings, i.e. actual winnings prior to deduction of WHT.

How is Withholding Tax calculated?


When it comes to the actual calculation of the Withholding Tax, the process remains simple and straightforward:

  1. A player opts to withdraw a specific sum from their gaming wallet/balance, known as the Payout/Withdrawal.
  2. The Deductible Stake is subtracted from the Payout to yield the Gross Winnings - the amount on which WHT is calculated.
  3. WHT is calculated as 10% of the Gross Winnings. This tax amount is withheld from the Payout.
  4. The remaining Payout, after WHT deduction, is then transferred to the player's external Momo-wallet.

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No persons under the age of 18 are permitted to gamble. Play responsibly. Betting can be addictive. Know when to stop.

PrideBet Entertainment Ghana Limited is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under license number GCSB24J2188Q and GCCA24J05823.

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